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"You'll be amazed at his guitar style" - BRFM Radio

Precession of The Albums (compilation album - 2009)

Precession of The Albums is a £5 retrospective yielding you 12 songs hand-picked from the live favourites so often requested at gigs.

'Precession' refers to the slow reverse rotation of the earth's axis. Often the word is used in the context of 'Precession of the Equinoxes' where the point of the sunrise at the equinoxes shifts through each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac over a 25,920 year cycle. It seems that humans have known about this for thousands of years.

Also, there's a pun hiding in the title - following the so-called Credit Crunch James wanted a lower price cd, since the recession had resulted in a drop in his £10 value cd sales.

Get the album direct from James at a gig, or press the Buy Now button above to order via Paypal.
Here's the track-listing:

1. Rumi *
2. Greeting the Sun *
3. Quieter Lifetime **
4. Sooner or Later ***
5. Way Down South ***
6. Still Lights Up the Rain ***
7. Walk the Earth ****
8. The Same Sky ****
9. Swansong *****
10. One Saturday ******
11. True Life *******
12. Dervish - from “Dervish” (with Sean McBride)

* from the 2008 album “Eight Your Nature”
** from the 2007 album “Seventh String”
*** from the 2007 album “Coming Home to Stay”
**** from the 2005 album “Alive in 2005”
***** from the 2004 album “Snapshot”
****** from the 2003 album “Long Way Out”
******* from the 2002 album “40 Minutes of Peace”

CD's with ink-stamped sleeves are available at James' gigs for £5.

Buy now direct from James using secure online billing with Paypal for £5.50 including postage.
The album is available for mp3 download from Soundclick for the promotional price of just $3.

Download the album from Soundclick

Precession of The Albums album cover art

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