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"young Bristol-based guitar wizard"  - 5 best gigs - The Independent
James Hollingsworth
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Now Booking for 2011

Greetings to all Venue-owners and Bookers! I've been a professional gigging musician for over 4 years now and I've played 1000's of gigs at hundreds of venues. In 2011 I'm looking to expand my range into Europe and I'm committed to promoting every gig by seeking out local media and sending up-to-date information, promoting my new cd Two and Two. I also have a burgeoning email list of supporters and fans. Please check out the commendations below and the .pdf downloads (right).

I'm a solo acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter based in Bristol, with a large original (+ covers) repertoire and choose songs live according to my mood and that of the audience, often telling stories to introduce the songs.
I can send you a cd, or press the blue Play button to hear to my music (you may have to enable pop-ups for www.soundclick.com), there's also my YouTube Channel, including my version of Dark Side of the Moon (with no backing tracks) from one of my highly successful Pink Floyd Nights.

Please get back to me for bookings or more info, thanks in advance!

all the best

tel: Bristol +44 (0)117 3738 341
mob: 0797 1966 597



"The much-touted young Bristol-based guitar wizard and songwriter, who has been compared to Richard Thompson, Al Stewart and early Fleetwood Mac, travels in possession of a mean harmonica style and a rapid-fire, Spanish-influenced guitar-picking technique."
- 5 Best Gigs - The Independent

"Let's just say that this guy had a voice. I don't mean like a normal everyday voice. I mean one of those singing voices that is so powerful and full of emotion that it was hard not to feel blown away by how good he was. Hollingsworth's songs were at once folky, soulful, insightful and emotional and his audience banter was also there in spades, making him a very prolific performer. A testament to how good this guy was is that he had no shortage of people offering to buy him drinks both during and after his set. If you get a chance, see James play as soon as possible as it won't be too long before he's picked up by a record label." - Wiltshire Ocelot, July 2008. Read full review here.

"James Hollingsworth is one of my top ten favorite male singer/songwriters of all time!"
- Van Casey - MUSIC AND SPIRIT - read the full review here

"We're reminded of early Fleetwood Mac, Cat Stevens, Richard Thompson, Doobies and Al Stewart, just to give you an idea... but James Hollingsworth has a blissfully original sound." - Lemonrock

(nb Lemonrock chose Way Down South, from the album Coming Home to Stay, as their Song of the Week, 19 November 2007.)

"stunning and thought-provoking... a real artist in a sea of imitators. Hollingsworth is UNIQUE and dare I go out on a limb, I don't think he has an equal” - `Eden Dust Records

"James Hollingsworth is both incredibly talented as a vocalist and guitarist. His carefully considered songwriting has made him popular on Bristol's acoustic circuit and he is able to turn his talents to a range of styles from ballads to blues and rock." - New Bristol Jazz

"Honest, down to earth meaningful lyrics. The world needs more music like this. "
- Folk Blues and Beyond

"It’s rare nowadays for it to be irrefutably true that a vocalist genuinely means every word he sings. This much doesn’t so much confirm itself to be true as leap out from behind a nearby rock and slap you about the face with a frozen kipper." - Live Music Scene (read the full review here)

"His live vocals are better than many artists' studio vocals." - www.rambles.net

"Hollingsworth paints canvas with his songs, there is something almost visual about them."
- FATEA Records

"I love this... a great sound and voice. " - DJ Love (newmusicradio.net)

"James has really established himself now as a prolific song writing machine. He continues to come up with clever lyrics and haunting melodies... one of the best song writers in the country. We should be able to add him to our Famous Bristol Musicians Section soon! " - Bristol Rocks

"What a Singer!” - John Burns, Producer Genesis, Burning Spear, JEBO & others.

"James Hollingsworth was a revelation. His songs were sharp and melodic, the voice demanding attention and guitar-playing top quality. " - Bristol Community Festival.

"Taking time off from his other job, as lead singer with rock band JEBO, James Hollingsworth moves into his singer-songwriter mode, a field in which he has proven himself one of the most intriguing on the current Bristol scene. His complex guitar style is just as interesting, with a southern Spanish feel to it. " - Bristol Evening Post

"A calm veteran of the underground Swansea scene in the early 1990's, James has struggled through fire and water to produce his stunning and unique music, which often resembles both. His songs are about peace and love, and his improvisations carry you away on a light breeze of thoughtfulness. Check him out at various venues in the West Country. " - Absolute Zero

"An excellent and frenetic fingerpicker” - www.acousticmusic.com

"James Hollingsworth’s main stage set on the Saturday afternoon of the festival ranged from what was grounded in the traditional – a voice buzzing in the ear, the familiar plucked guitar – to what seemed to border on the celestial, as both voice and a much effected, but delicately measured, acoustic guitar swept back and forth across the arena. James’ performance was captivating…truly so, as many followed him to the intimate surroundings of the Bar Stage later in the afternoon, where an equally diverse mixture of songs and styles was in evidence. " Abbey Mill Folk Festival, 2006

"James Hollingsworth is a guitarist, singer and mean harmonica player. For anyone who's serious about their music this night is an absolute must, and there are hints of the great Bob Dylan himself in Hollingsworth's music. " - www.thisisbristol.com

"He is without a doubt a rising singer-songwriter of the new era of Folk. " - Indie World Cafe

"a superb voice and an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist " - Focal Music

"James Hollingsworth - unique, complex, talented - one of Bristol's finest singer/songwriters is causing a few waves. This is a major talent that you'll really want to check out!"
- www.safeconcerts.com

"Brilliant" - www.songlines.co.uk

"Amazing" - Tantric Jazz Cafe, Bristol.

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James Hollingsworth
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