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James on stage with JEBO at the The Royal Albert Hall, London, 2005.

JEBO is the international rock band who claimed James as lead vocalist and frontman from their first gig in 2003 (supporting Wilko Johnson) until he left amicably in Spring 2009.

JEBO's debut album, Sinking Without You, featuring James on vocals was produced by legendary producer John Burns, famous for his work with Genesis, Jethro Tull, Burning Spear and others was mixed by Ben Findlay of Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios and was released to the German market with a new album cover in late 2008.

Buy Sinking Without You:

"A Masterpiece" – Classic Rock Society.

"Phenomenal" - Planeta Rock.

"Buy this album it is awesome!!! James Hollingsworth has put a passion into the vocals that I have not heard in a commercial album in a long time. His vocal style is reminiscent of Michael Stipe at times, but this music has a passion that puts REM to shame."
 - Bristol Rocks.

JEBO's many successful gigs with James included The Royal Albert Hall, memorable appearances for the Classic Rock Society, supporting Mostly Autumn and It Bites and Night of the Progs at Loreley in July 2007, supporting the original line-up of ASIA, Jethro Tull and Fish. You can see songs from this performance here on You Tube.

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