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"James Hollingsworth is without a doubt a rising singer-songwriter of the new era of Folk."
Indie World Cafe

iTunes_link_alivecd_baby_logo Alive in 2005 (2005)

Alive in 2005 is the culmination of hundreds of live gigs that James played since releasing his previous live album, 40 Minutes of Peace. Recorded one Saturday night in June 2005 far from the electricity grid in the Forest of Dean, England, in a Geodesic Dome made by master craftsman Marek Woznica. The album features both old and new material as well as some stunning guitar improvisations. The CD reflects the special atmosphere of the night and the spontaneity that has come to characterise James' live performance. Listen to tracks from this album on the player below.

"This album shows James for the accomplished acoustic artist that he is." - Bristol Rocks.

"He's an excellent and frenetic fingerpicker reminiscent of John Fahey." - Acoustic Music.

The first 100 copies of the CD were individually numbered, signed and dated as at the day of being hand-made by James himself (now sold out). The CD is still available for £5 at James' gigs, or simply click the 'Buy Now' button to order online.

Song Title Written Album Recorded mp3 clip Lyrics
The Road it Carries Ever On May 98 Alive in 2005 2005 Listen Read
One Saturday Aug 00 Alive in 2005 2005 Listen NEW
Walk the Earth Oct 00 Alive in 2005 2005 Listen Read
Under the Influence of love Jun 01 Alive in 2005 2005 Listen Read
Faster than Light Mar 00 Alive in 2005 2005 Listen Read
Ripples on the Waters Jul 02 Alive in 2005 2005 Listen Read
The Same Sky                  free download May 05 Alive in 2005 2005 Listen Read
Sand Dancing Jun 05 Alive in 2005 2005 Listen Read
The Sun Still Rises May 05 Alive in 2005 2005 Listen Read
On the Run for Nothing Jun 05 Alive in 2005 2005 Listen Read


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"This CD has James playing live. The recording quality however, is surprisingly good for a live album.

"James's acoustic guitar playing is excellent and his voice is the second instrument. He uses his voice in a similar way to John Martyn, where the vocal blends and merges with the acoustic backing giving the illusion of more than one instrument.

"I would love to see him play live at a festival on a sunny afternoon. I think that he would go down very well at this type of event. This album shows James for the accomplished acoustic artist that he is."
- Bristol Rocks.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Alive in 2005 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

"James Hollingsworth is a singer/songwriter/guitarist/harmonica player from England who has released many albums over the years. His vocals are very reminiscent of the band Marillion. His CD Alive in 2005 was recorded in June 2005 at Marek's Dome, Noxon, Forest of Dean. James is not only very talented on the mic, but quite an excellent guitar player as well. Despite the somewhat spotty audio -- which is probably due to non-studio recording equipment and a performance venue not conducive to a concert -- James abilities rise above the obstacles. You can tell he is good at his craft.

"One Saturday is a melancholy piece in which James sings about trying hard to find his way back to where he belongs. The way is slow but he's making progress 'every step, three forward, only two back again.' His live vocals are better than many artists' studio vocals." - www.rambles.net

CD's with ink-stamped sleeves are available at James' gigs for £5.

Buy now direct from James using secure online billing with Paypal for £5 (+ postage).

download the album from
Soundclick for $5.

Download Live at The Wunder Bar from Soundclick

Alive in 2005 album original cover art

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