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"a delightful tapestry in music and words" - Woven Wheat Whispers
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"One Saturday" (song - 2000)

James Hollingsworth © August 2000

Straight in, One Saturday, wading in time
God knows I've nowhere to hide now, hide now

Lord, One Saturday, Lord, I'm too hard
Got it all wrong, I'm so wrong, I know, but
I'm trying hard.

I'm trying hard, and I'm rolling, rolling, back

Find a way back to the place where I belong.
I'm trying, trying, trying hard.

Trying hard, free and easy, saying I'm, saying I'm
Trying hard, free and easy, saying it, saying it

Would only matter when you say
Would only matter when you say

I'm trying hard, free and easy, saying I'm the way...

Ride the southern road
Ride us down the road
Summer night, free and easy...

Lady in time, oh, I can barely see the way now
Waiting around, for hours and hours and hours
I see the silent film, way down
Can't even blow the seed they've sown
I've been it, I've seen it, I run it, I feel it breathe

I'm waiting to believe...

And I see the way is gone,
Lord, One Saturday, Lord, I'm too far, have I gone too far?
I see it now, a way forward, we are out! We're in the clear!
Sing it out, real forward, bring it out, sing it out, shout

I only knew a way forward
Reaching out, far out again,
Now, One Saturday, eyes open wide
Got it all wrong, out so far, I know,
I'm going home.

Yes, I'm rolling, rolling back
Every step, three forward, only two back again
And I'm rolling, rolling back.

"very talented modern day minstrel"
- www.tallyessin.com

Right-Brained-based life vision. details
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  Alive in 2005 album version

  Long Way Out album version

  40 Minutes of Peace album version
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:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: One Saturday ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

"a delightful tapestry in music and words and highlights his tremendous vocal ability. This is a track that deserves to widely heard by anyone with a love of classic contemporary folk and acoustic music." - Woven Wheat Whispers (of One Saturday)

A road to Peace described with acoustic guitar, harmonica and voice.

It was a fevered and inspirational brainstorm of a writing session. Just when I thought I'd finished and was putting away the microphone, another line came to mind. My approach to songwriting is to immediately write down or make a record of any gleam of inspiration which may occur to me - its true value may not be obvious at the moment of conception and so I get it down then and there if I can. With One Saturday I must have put the mic away about 3 times before I decided to just carry on. I wrote the song in about an hour. It always comes out slightly different every time I perform it, especially the lyrics of the final section.

The song concerns the tides of a life's direction, beyond immediate conscious control, subject to the prevailing surges of intuition. This kind of dream-like notion was beautifully described by Hermann Hesse, particularly in his classic works Demian and the more famous Steppenwolf (the 60's rock-band was named after it). By the time I came to write One Saturday, I'd read most of his work. So, perhaps as a result of reading Hermann Hesse, writing the song was balanced more toward re-living an experience rather than a result of much intellectual effort. It contains references to a vivid yet silent dream I had when I was about six years old and also to another song of mine from 1989, Saturday Road Ahead, (a piano version of which was eventually released on the Coming Home to Stay album).

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