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"James Hollingsworth is without a doubt a rising singer-songwriter of the new era of Folk."  - Indie World Cafe"

Long Way Out (album - 2003)

Long Way Out was James' first full-length CD release, a 60 minute album of 12 original songs. Recorded using modern digital multi-track studio technology, the songs on this album were recorded with no overdubs, just the warm, intimate sound of James' distinctive singing voice, an acoustic-guitar with occasional harmonica, and include several first-takes.

The original recordings were re-mastered in 2006, bringing out their detail and presence beautifully. The 2003 release has now been humanely deleted.

This album includes the track One Saturday, described by Woven Wheat Whispers as:

"a delightful tapestry in music and words and highlights his tremendous vocal ability. This is a track that deserves to widely heard by anyone with a love of classic contemporary folk and acoustic music."

Long Way Out as a CD (originally with 8-page booklets - now sold-out) costs £5 direct from James at a gig, or see opposite for other ways of getting hold of it.

Song Title Written Album Recorded mp3 clip Lyrics
One Saturday Aug 00 Long Way Out 2003 Listen NEW
Far away from Home Mar 92 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read
What about Now? Nov 91 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read
And the Writing came down with the Wall May 96 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read
Last Stand Jan 89 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read
Find a way to London Aug 90 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read
Reasons Why Jan 92 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read
Swansea Aug 98 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read
Ripples on the Waters Jul 02 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read
Face History Jul 01 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read
Under the Influence of love Jun 01 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read
Now, Still, is Journey's End Jul 01 Long Way Out 2003 Listen Read

"...the quality is simply stunning, being crystal clear but also very warm. The only comparison I can readily make, is to the voice of Tim Buckley, and this is something I do not suggest glibly."

- Woven Wheat Whispers

CD's with ink-stamped sleeves are available at James' gigs for £5.

Buy now direct from James using secure online billing with Paypal for £5 (+ postage).

download the album from
Soundclick for $5.

Download Live at The Wunder Bar from Soundclick

Long Way Out album original cover art

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