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"... seemed to border on the celestial..." - Abbey Mill Folk Festival

The Joyful Returning (compilation album - 2009)

The Joyful Returning is a £6 retrospective cd of 12 songs picked from the live favourites so often requested at gigs and the more 'far-out' tracks with a place and feel all of their own.

After the release of Precession of the Albums, a compilation of James' most-frequently requested songs, there were too many songs to fit on one cd. So another was created, consisting of the more 'far-out' songs and released on a date which corresponded to the number of letters in the title - 03/06/09.

Get the album direct from James at a gig, or press the Buy Now button (right) to order via Paypal.

Here's the track-listing:

1. The Road it Carries Ever On *****
2. Release (live '08) *
3. On the Run for Nothing (live '05 improvisation) ****
4. Mothership (live '08) *
5. Sand Dancing (live '05 improvisation) ****
6. Time Rolls On (live '01) *
7. Saturday Road Ahead ***
8. One Saturday ******
9. Now, Still is Journey's End ******
10. Long Way Out ***
11. Eternity ***
12. Grace Under Pressure **

* from the 2008 album “Eight Your Nature”
** from the 2007 album “Seventh String”
*** from the 2007 album “Coming Home to Stay”
**** from the 2005 album “Alive in 2005”
***** from the 2004 album “Snapshot”
****** from the 2003 album “Long Way Out”

CD's with ink-stamped sleeves are available at James' gigs for £5.

Buy now direct from James using secure online billing with Paypal for £6.50 including postage.
The album is available for mp3 download from Soundclick for the promotional price of just $3.

Download the album from Soundclick

The Joyful Returning album cover art

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