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James and Sean McBride

Sean McBride and James have been consuming coffee and creating music together for some years now, mostly in the studio, but also have been accompanied live by Sandro Granda on percussion and Zac Gregory on Double Bass. More recently they've started writing songs together as MaHat (McBride and Hollingsworth Art Thing, or 'ave tea, or 'are tremendous', it's fairly open-ended...).

Brought together by a helpful local milkman (local delivery of milk is a quaint custom still extant in most of the UK), the two musicians pooled their complimentary expertise to record their first track, the 13-minute Arabic-sounding Dervish, in 2001. Based on a theme James composed in 1990, Sean added his considerable compositional and arranging skills, with virtuosic flute-playing. Here's Sean's new home on the web.

James and Sean have also made soundtrack music for films, including the movie The Pilgrimage in 2005, based on the journey of a local artist (Jonathan Hayter, of Figure of Speech) on the Road to Santiago, in northern Spain.

Film-makers looking for original music for their films should check out MaHat Music for further details.

Originally from San Francisco, Sean's father, Dick McBride used to hang out with Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti (among other Beat luminaries), so we asked him "So, Sean, what was it like growing up with Allen Ginsburg and those other guys hanging out at your house?"
Sean replied without taking a breath "F#ck! I don't know, they were just guys with beards that my dad knew! They were all right I guess, I ignored them, I was upstairs listening to Jimi Hendrix."  Thanks, Sean.

Among other things, Sean also plays sax with the Spectrum Party Band, blows sax with Roxy Magic (when Lee Sullivan is too cool to play), teaches sax, and amazingly still manages to find time to wail sax with the infamously defunct MoFunk. Must be the coffee.








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