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"This is a story wrapped within a mystery wrapped within a rainbow in the mist" - Voices - Outside the Box Two on KIAC Radio
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"Beyond Revelation" (song - 2003)

James Hollingsworth © 25/05/03

He had a message
Of how to make water in the desert
While all around him
The people were parched for thirst
They knew no cloud
But little did he know there were places
Where the clouds unleashed their load in torrents
And the problems they faced in those land
Were how to keep dry, and they cried for the blue sky
And the breeze, whispering through the sands
The Horizon clear and wide, no endless realms of rain.

He had a mind that was filled
With perplexity and questions
Saying "I could be the One
But he who thinks he's the One, is mad
Or a liar, or deluded with lies"
He could find no compromise
But little and by little
He took to walking driven by his need to understand
Wandered far, found himself in a land one misty new day
Where they played a game with what he would say
And all the while, clouds marching across the miles
Were changing visions
And as the thunder peeled he smiled, said
"What gift is there like Rain?"

And what happened to him?
He came round in the end, just like all the rest
In time, he told his story wrapped in rhyme.

"Singer songwriter of the finest calibre"
- www.queensheadmonmouth.co.uk

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  Coming Home to Stay album version

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"Highlights include ‘Beyond Revelation’ with guitar playing so starkly emotive it feels like it would fall apart if you reached out and prodded it, overlayered with singing that cracks and flutters alternately to almost dizzying effect."
 - Dave Urwin, Live Music Scene (of the Coming Home to Stay album)

The chord structure was inspired by the pastoral work of Genesis circa 1976 - 1978, notably the A Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering albums, and the mythical style of storytelling is reminicent of 'One for the Vine'.

Are all our personal stories just illusions?

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