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"A Marvel!" - The Rose and Crown, Charlbury                                            Read more Quotes

South-West England-based James Hollingsworth has a passionate voice and a unique, complex acoustic guitar finger-style, reminiscent of Andalusian guitar, fusing elements of folk, blues, trance, metal and psychedelic rock. Since turning professional in 2006 he's played numerous festivals, private bookings, folk, acoustic and rock venues nationally, supported Nick Harper (twice since 2008), and again this Friday 1 Feb, 2019)), Cara Dillon, Hazel O'Connor, 60's legends It's a Beautiful Day and Barry 'The Fish' Melton (of Country Joe and The Fish), who said:

"It was truly a phenomenal experience hearing James Hollingsworth's music, I know now that the tradition of groundbreaking music is in good hands. Thank you, James – Barry Melton."

A former long-time resident of Bristol's Tantric Jazz Cafe, James is adaptable and spontaneous, picking material with his mood and that of the audience. As well as being a critically acclaimed songwriter, he performs soulful interpretations from his repertoire of 300+ covers, including solo acoustic Pink Floyd Nights. Contact James to book him for your event (Check availability).

As frontman with rock act JEBO, James performed at top venues including The Royal Albert Hall, Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall, Loreley (DE), Ghent Festival (BE) and Monmouth Festival and worked with legendary producer John Burns (Genesis, John Martyn, Burning Spear) on their debut album, Sinking Without You.

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Latest cd release - The Final Frontier... unique hand drawn celtic/pictish spiral covers... £10 each... The Final Frontier

James Hollingsworth

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next gig:

Click to see James performing 'Some Say' at Cornbury Festival

- The last tune from James' set at Cornbury Festvial 2016, is finally up on YouTube, here. It's a fitting bookend to the series of videos from the festival, showing James' audience swell steadily as he builds the sound of the song, using his live looping pedalboard and simple percussion, to a rocking crescendo, carrying the crowd along with its positive energy right up to the last chord. The MC is heard to say "wasn't that astonishing?"

Thanks to Koo-koo, Yuan-yuan, Kelvin and Royce for their camera-work, we certainly expect to see James perform at more events like this in the future.

James returns to Widcombe Social Club, supporting
Nick Harper for the 3rd time on Fri 1 Feb, '19.
Photo by Richard Clarke.

01/02/2019 - Unfortunately, due to the snow causing terrible driving conditions, tonight's show is cancelled, but has been rescheduled for Sunday 5 May, and James has been invited to play again :-)

30/01/2019 - James will be supporting Nick Harper (again) at Widcombe Social Club in Bath, on Fri 1 Feb! James will perform a short set at 8pm. It's actually James' 3rd support for Mr 'Harpic', with whom he first shared a stage in 2010 at Chapel Arts Centre in Bath, and again in 2011 at the Folk House in Bristol.

Friday 1 February @ Widcombe Social Club, Bath
show time: 8.00pm
address: Widcombe Hill, Bath, Bath and NE Somerset. BA2 6AA.
tickets: £15
James Hollingsworth supports Nick Harper's debut of a facinating new show ’58 Fordwych Road'.

Meanwhile, the wait for James' album 13 Moons v2.0 to be packaged up and loaded up onto i-Tunes et al, courtesy of CD-Baby, will soon be over, expect news in the next few weeks.

James has now well and truly settled in Somerset and his life as a professional musician has moved on from simply chasing pub gigs to survive a recession - he's finally had a lot more time recently to dedicate to developing original material. Watch this space for news of more Adventures in Loopland...

Click to go to the Bridgetown Brewery
page on The Albert Inn website

08/11/2018 - Announcing 13 Moons, a Lightly Hopped Ale, in collaboration with Bridgetown Brewery in Totnes, Devon!

To commemorate the worldwide release of James' 2013 album 13 Moons on i-Tunes, CD Baby etc, The Albert Inn landlord Giles' very own micro-brewery will take hops grown by James in Frome, Somerset - sourced from the nearby Agroforestry Research Trust in Dartington, and brew a delicious batch of ale in time for James' launch gig at The Albert Inn on Saturday 22 December 2018. James has created a new album cover design, adapted for beermats, bottle labels and pump badge... The beer will be available at the pub for a limited time only.

James has been booked for the South Downs Folk Festival at the Regis Centre, Bognor Regis, on Saturday 21 September 2019, Steve Knightley of Show of Hands is also rumoured to be on the bill.

Click to see James performing Saturn Ruin at Widcombe Social Club, kindly filmed by Peter Clinick. Photo by Richard Clarke.

14/06/2018 - Pink Floyd Night UK Tour May '18 was a great success, culminating with a packed house at Widcombe Social Club on 31 May. James also performed some of his own songs, including Saturn Ruin, caught here on video by audience member Peter Clinick. Photographer Richard Clarke was also on hand to capture this suite of photos and short videos.

Praise came in many forms, with James being called a musical "alchemist" and "sorcerer" (twice, 200 miles apart!) as audiences took in James' Live-Looping performance with real instruments - combining hand percussion, voice, harmonica and guitar effects to build complex arrangements in real time. No pre-recorded backing tracks are used!

One more Pink Floyd Night remains before the autumn tour (tba), at Stroud's best-kept ale house, The Crown and Sceptre on Thursday 21 June.


02/05/2018 - Darth Side of the Moon! Pink Floyd Night UK Tour May '18, begins May the Fourth in Truro at the famous Old Ale House, of Skinners Brewery fame, a special show with VJ Projections by local visual artist Jonathan Hayter. Click for TOUR DATES in Cornwall, Devon, Sussex, Warwickshire, Bath Fringe Festival and Gloucestershire.

01/03/2018 - James' album Coming Home to Stay is now available to hear and buy on Bandcamp.

24/02/18 - James' performance at Goring Unplugged was warmly received by the audience who were pin-drop quiet during songs and obligingly amused during James' song intro's. The gig was not filmed, but an audio recording exists. Here's James' last visit in 2013.

As reported on James' performace on Soundcheck session from Saturday 30 September, his new album is currently being worked on, devised to be performed live using all the tricks possible with James' Live-Looping pedalboard, he's practising hard to perfect it before performing it live and then recording a release version. More details when available!

27/01/18 - This website was updated with new songs on the music page, a revamped more page and various wee tweaks, deletes and such.

11/10/17 - The images page on this website has been updated with a new gallery, full of bio' info and links. Plus, here's that Soundcheck session from Saturday 30 September on Vimeo, courtesy of www.visualradioarts.co.uk!

Click to see James performing on Soundcheck with www.visualradioarts.co.uk in Frome, Somerset.

05/10/17 - Remarkable news from James' recent live streamed gig on Soundcheck in Frome on Saturday 30 September, the performance received 1.3K views within 16 hours of broadcast! Presented by www.visualradioarts.co.uk, James' set included some new material from his forthcoming album, as well as some classic songs from earlier albums, showcasing his Live-Looping skills, pewter celtic brooch and natty grey socks. All of these are viewable here, on the Visual Radio Arts Facebook Page. The multi-camera session will soon be re-edited and uploaded to Vimeo.

08/09/17 - The last but one of the videos from Cornbury Festival is now up on James' YouTube channel. A rockingly psychedelic instrumental with words, Saturn Ruin was captured live at Cornbury Festival in 2016. Camera work by Kelvin Skyrme, Royce Skyrme, Yuan Hollingsworth and Yin Chung Au with audio from Steven Battersby (of Witney Radio)

On Saturday 30 September James will perform a Live Streamed event at Soundcheck in Frome from 8.25pm - presented by www.visualradioarts.co.uk.

12/05/2017 - Two new videos are now up on James' YouTube channel!

First up is Privately Minded - Live at Cornbury Festival 2016, originally co-written with Jason Flinter in Bristol. Camera work by Kelvin Skyrme, Royce Skyrme, Yuan Hollingsworth and Yin Chung Au with audio from Steven Battersby (of Witney Radio). More from that set in due course :-)

Secondly, recorded at The Rose and Crown pub in Charlbury, Oxfordshire, is James' live-loop version of Wish You Were Here by the legendary Pink Floyd. The song was part of a mixed set of covers and originals performed in front of a (very) live audience and recorded by Steven Battersby (of Witney Radio) on Saturday 18 February, with a single video camera adding the visual element.

See the Pink Floyd Night page for more details of James' renditions of Pink Floyd's work and upcoming 'Pink Floyd Night' gigs.

Click to see James performing Pink Floyd's Shine on you Crazy Diamond at The Rose and Crown pub in Charlbury, Oxfordshire.

04/04/2017 - The first cut from James' recent performance at the The Rose and Crown pub in Charlbury, Oxfordshire, is now available on YouTube!

Click Here to view James' live-loop version of Shine on you Crazy Diamond by the legendary Pink Floyd. The song was part of a mixed set of covers and originals performed in front of a (very) live audience and recorded by Steven Battersby (of Witney Radio) on Saturday 18 February, with a single video camera adding the visual element.

See the Pink Floyd Night page for more details of James' renditions of Pink Floyd's work and upcoming 'Pink Floyd Night' gigs.

23/03/2017 - Happy Equinox! The Winter was busy recording-wise, with Jeff France (JEBO drummer) recording a great performance adding drums to the McBride and Hollingsworth song 99 Percent. Also, Steven Battersby (of Witney Radio) captured high quality multi-track audio of James' set at the Rose and Crown in Charlbury in February, with a great crowd and nice vid footage to boot. James has been recording and processing a lot of new original material, both acoustic and using his recently upgraded pedalboard.

There are no less than six Pink Floyd Nights in the diary at the moment, including Saturday 10 June as part of the Bath Fringe Festival. Check out the gigs page for all gigs.

29/11/2016 - We're excited and delighted to announce that James' fellow JEBO member, ace drummer Jeff France, will be adding drums to the McBride and Hollingsworth song 99 Percent in the new year. This is the first time James and Jeff will have worked together since James left the band in 2009, recording sessions are scheduled for early 2017. The song was inspired by the Occupy protests in 2011.

Speaking of JEBO, here's James with Jeff and the band in full flow at Night of the Progs, Loreley, in 2007 performing "Fire in my Veins"

James performing at Cornbury Music Festival 2016

17/11/2016 - Here is the first video from James' performance on the Riverside Stage at Cornbury Music Festival 2016! - Just the Way it is. Thanks to Kelvin Skyrme, Royce Skyrme and Yuan Hollingsworth for video camera-work; Yin Chung Au for stills photography and Witney Radio for high quality raw audio! More vids being processed including Saturn Ruin and Some Say...

12/07/2016 - James' performance on the Riverside Stage at Cornbury Music Festival 2016 on Sunday 10 July was enthusiastically received, with some of the best comments being:

"The best act I've seen all weekend, including on the main stage!"

"I think I can safely say I've never seen anything quite like that before... amazing!" - Stage Manager/Compare

"You have to be a jack-of-all-trades to do all that, I mean - I heard a double bass, and a strat, drums, and who knows what else, and it was all just one guy with an acoustic guitar!"

There were no less than three video cameras filming James' 40 minute live-looping set and this footage will be edited together and combined with a decent audio recording courtesy of Witney Radio, who were on hand to broadcast the event, watch this space for developments!

25/05/2016 - James will be performing an all-original set at this year's Bardic Picnic in Northampton on Sunday 7 August, shortly before his return to the nearby Althorp Coaching Inn on Tues 9 Aug, this will be part of a tour of the Midlands, see the gigs page for details.

10/04/2016 - Check out the new Pink Floyd Night page on this website with full song list, video links and history of James' unique tribute show to the music of Pink Floyd. Please contact James to book him for your event (check here for availability) or see the gigs page for future events :-)

22/03/16 - Equinoctal Greetings to you all! James' music page has been updated with 15 more live video recordings including some previously unreleased songs and some old favourites all recorded live, at West Heaton (supporting Gilmore and Roberts), Burns Night at Tollgate, The Wunder Bar and Two Rivers Festival with the Acoustic Band.

Here's to a Springtime for the World in 2016.

17/02/16 - James is confirmed to perform at Cornbury Music Festival 2016 on Sunday 10 July! Other acts on the bill include headliners Bryan Ferry and Seal as well as Wilko Johnson, fellow Tantric Jazz Cafe veteran Jamie Cullum, James Morrison, Newton Faulkner, The Zombies, Bjorn Again, Turin Brakes and Soul II Soul (see full line up here), as well as the usual variety of festival attractions. James will be playing a 45 minute 'Loop' set on the Riverside stage on Sunday afternoon, details tbc. Get your tickets here!

03/02/16 - It's a pleasure to annouce that James already has gigs booked in every month this year through to December, including Polperro Festival courtesy of the oldest pub in town! And there's a bunch of new videos on YouTube:

James Hollingsworth Acoustic Band @ Two Rivers Festival 2008
Superb performances from Zac Gregory (bass), Sean McBride (flute) and Sandro Granda (perc)

Faster than Light


Excerpts from Burns Night Parlour Gig at Tollgate, Monmouthshire 2014:

One of These Days and A Pillow of Winds (Pink Floyd)

Just the Way It Is (co-written with Sean McBride 2011)

There's More to Life

Please check out/subscribe to James' YouTube Channel to see more videos.

31/12/15 - Wishing you all a ​creative, progressive and productive 2016! Three new videos of James' renditions of Pink Floyd's music are now available on YouTube!

The beautiful 'Wish you were Here' (1975), just guitar and voice;

The sublime 'Shine On you Crazy Diamond' (1975), live loop;

​ ​The epic 'Echoes' (1971), live loop.

All songs performed by James Hollingsworth 2015, two as live loops, no pre-recorded backing tracks, no overdubs, no artificial additives! Boomerang III Looper and Korg Multi-effects.

Book James Hollingsworth's Pink Floyd Night for your event, or check out the gigs page for future events!

More original music coming soon :-)

25/11/15 - After a busy summer gigging and moving house to Frome, Somerset, James has already started bookings for next year, check out the gigs page for details. Also, thanks to the community at Reverb Nation, James has been in and out of the Number 1 spot in the Singer/Songwriter Chart for the Frome area!

James is now taking guitar students in the Frome area, Contact James if you'd like to find out more about his approach to playing guitar, he is a patient and inspiring teacher.

Check out James' YouTube Channel, where the newest video is Faster than Light - James Hollingsworth Acoustic Band @ Two Rivers Festival 2008. Backing James up with superb performances are Zac Gregory (double-bass), Sean McBride (flute) and Sandro Granda (percussion). More songs from that set are in the pipeline, as well as more vids promoting James' increasingly well-received solo Pink Floyd Nights: watch this space!

08/04/15 - Excellent work from Jason Flinter with this video for Clouds begin their Reign, from James' album Thirteen Moons. Jason says:

"We didn't want to do a cover but wanted to show our complete admiration for a band that has very much inspired us in our music through the years. So set ourselves a task of writing songs that RUSH 'could' have written. Here's our first that 'could' have been on 'Grace Under Pressure'. And if Messers Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart want to cover it, then that's fine!!"

An update on recording sessions for re-recording 99 Percent with Sean McBride - We're told that Sean's sax is "now down and sounding monster-monster."

26/02/15 - Recording sessions for re-recording 99 Percent, co-written by James and Sean McBride are coming along beautifully, Sean's sax will be the final addition, then they'll be moving on to Trickledown.

James will be back at the Jenny Lind in Hastings on Sun 29 March from 3 pm. It seems amazing that his gig for Ragged Trousered Folk at the Jenny was only a year ago! Here's 3 videos on YouTube from last year's gig, thanks to Acoustic Nations and Tony Streeter from Ragged Trousered Folk in Hastings for making it possible:

Ragged Trousered Folk - PART 1
Ragged Trousered Folk - PART 2
Ragged Trousered Folk - PART 3

04/01/15 - New Year Greetings to you all! After being seen at Seend Acoustic last year, James has been asked to play a short set supporting fabulous folk fiddler Phil Beer at The Village Pump Folk Club in Trowbridge, on Friday 6 March. View details of the gig here. Meanwhile, James will be playing a headline set at Seend Acoustic on Wednesday 4 February.

16/11/14 - James' album of new material Thirteen Moons now has its own album page, here. The album has been hailed as his best release to date and sets a benchmark for the next phase in James' songwriting career. The album is also distinguished by having unique artwork for every copy, see the album page for details!

08/11/14 - Following a busy summer, moving, gigging and taking a 2-week residential Permaculture Design Course with Aranya, James has recorded a batch of cover songs, you can hear them on YouTube:

Champagne Supernova (Oasis)
Weather with You (Crowded House)
Wild World (Cat Stevens)
Moondance (Van Morrison)
Human (The Killers)
Pick a Part that's New (Stereophonics)
Handle with Care (Traveling Wilburys)

You can view the whole Playlist here.

06/06/2014 - As we come to Summer 2014, there's loads going for James, with a radio interview, special event invites, regular gigs and even the odd Glory-Gig sprinkled into the mix! He'll be playing completely acoustically at Goring Unplugged; straight guitar/vocals with Sean McBride; and playing Songs and SoundScapes, a full-on solo Loop set at the Colston Hall in Bristol.

McBride & Hollingsworth return to The Seven Stars on Sun 8 June

On Sunday 8 June @ The Seven Stars, Bristol, from 3.00pm, Sean McBride (sax/flute) and James (guitar/vox) return, joining forces to offer a set of songs springing from their differently skewed outlooks on life and provoking each other's sense of musical spontaneity.

The set will possibly comprise (in no particular order):

Just the Way it is (McBride and Hollingsworth, 2011)
Englishman in New York (Sting)
99% (McBride and Hollingsworth, 2011)
Change (McBride and Hollingsworth, 2011)
*Surprise Song*
Walk the Earth (James, 2000)
Privately Minded (Flinter and Hollingsworth, 2011)

MaHat Music

Monday 9 June
FromeFM, from 9:00pm, James features on the Final Frontier show (96.6FM, or listen online).

"Final Frontier is set to bring you the cutting edge of the many and uncountable genres of music, interviews and exclusive airings of rising stars. We will focus on the local scene, but might drift off in any time/spatial direction imaginable so keep your seat belts on! "

After the enthusiastic reception of his demo to the hosts, James has released a compilation album named for the show, with an appropriately far out choice of songs:
Final Frontier
James features on FromeFM's Final Frontier show 96.6FM on Monday 9 June from 9.00pm

Way Down South
Clouds Begin their Reign
Some Say
Saturn Ruin
As Ghosts Reveal
This Mote in Heaven
On the Run for Nothing

running time ~ 70 mins

Get the album direct via paypal:

A week later comes James' set on Saturday 14 June @ Colston Hall, from 6:15pm (Colston Street, Bristol, Bristol. BS1 5AR)

"Attention original music aficionados - The sublime talents of James Hollingsworth awaits your viewing and listening pleasure at The Colston Hall" - The Song Diner

"Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist James Hollingsworth performs Songs and SoundScapes, a free gig in the foyer before the main act plays in the main hall: 'Bombay Talkies', a presentation by percussionist Talvin Singh, a key figure in the Asian underground club scene."

Please feel free to Tweet and Instagram your photos and reviews of this show: #colstonhall and #show57445  @jh0llingsw0rth

James performs 'Songs and SoundScapes' Colston Hall on Saturday 14 June from 6:15pm

After gigging together for a week in Switzerland at The Cavern, during the Zermatt Unplugged Festival, James extra work on the side, as Lead guitarist and backing vocalist with Alfie Kington, has been so successful that they've started a new dedicated wedding band, The Hot Hats.

So, if you're in Bristol on Monday 23 June 12-3pm, please come along to support James and Alfie by dressing up (smart/casual/formal/unique) and coming to the Filming of their Video, from 12-3 pm at:

The Portcullis (693 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol. BS16 3UH).

Here's the event on Facebook.

Hope to see you there


The Music Train leaves Bitton Station on Tues 22 July

On Tuesday 22 July @ The Music Train The Music Train leaves Bitton Station, a train ride with programmed live music every Tuesday, both on the train (adults £3; Children/Concessions £2; Carers Free.) and (free) in the buffet or marquee afterwards.

:::: Enjoy a TRAIN RIDE with LIVE MUSIC :::: Suitable for ALL AGES ::::

The Buffet bar is open until 6.00pm with BBQ (weather permitting).

Check out more of James's regular gigs here :-)

James Hollingsworth - photo by Ryan Sanders

07/05/2014 - It's been a busy start to the year, with new cd 'Live at the Wunder Bar' (Adventures in Loopland v2.0), and the latest round of video uploads resulting in a Live Gigs Playlist on YouTube.

'Live at the Wunder Bar' (Adventures in Loopland v2.0) was recorded at Midsomer Norton's The Wunder Bar, and comprises 8 of James' entirely original songs, links are to YouTube versions (photography by Ryan Sanders):

Live at the Wunder Bar cd's
'Live at The Wunder Bar' cd's are £10
01 - Wundering (4:31)
02 - Just the Way it Is (co-written with Sean McBride) (9:29)
03 - Saturn Ruin (8:14)
04 - One Saturday (7:00)
05 - As Ghosts Reveal (8:13)
06 - Faster than Light (7:25)
07 - Sooner or Later (5:21)
08 - Some Say (8:48)

[Total Running Time - 59:21]

"Fascinating one man band James Hollingsworth comes to Midsomer Norton's Wunderbar tonight. James conjures some wonderful soundscapes with guitar effects and loops to create colour and build the suspense." - Somerset Guardian (2014)

James Hollingsworth

The new Live Gigs Playlist on YouTube includes tracks from Live at The Wunder Bar, and complete sets Live at West Heaton (supporting Gilmore and Roberts), Goring Unplugged and Burns Night at Tollgate 2014 (A Genuine Company of Excellent Folk! Proper Lighting! Jocular Scots! Multi-cameras! Neil Young! Spinning Fish! An occasional distantly barking dog! Celtic Woolly Jumpers!)

James has been getting some extra work as Lead guitarist and backing vocalist with Alfie Kington, with whom he went to Switzerland in April to play for 5 nights in a converted cave under a swanky hotel, The Cavern, during the Zermatt Unplugged Festival. The trip was such a success that Alf has been enthusiastically building a new Duo, initially with James playing a foot-operated Stomp-Box as well as the guitar/vocals duties, focussing on playing Weddings. For James' part, he's appreciating Alf taking care of the business side, leaving more time for playing his own music, and practising. Moreover, when the new duo is up and running it will help fund James' original recording projects! Part of this process has already resulted in a new list of James Cover songs on this website.

New Pages on the web: Fandalism (a site for musicians to network and support each other's creative projects) and Presskit.to for Music Industry and Agency Enquiries.

Also, there are a bunch of new pages on this website, including Image Galleries, and James' list of Cover songs!

23/01/2014 - Hoping you're starting the New Year with Hope, the World is certainly full of change!

After a recharge over the festive season, James is hitting the ground running. With headline shows booked at the intimate sit-down-and-suck-a-chocolate-then-quietly-enjoy-the-music-oriented Seend Acoustic, near Devizes, on Wednesday 5 February, and devoted Live Music venue, The Wunder Bar in Midsomer Norton, near Bath, on Thursday 6 February, James is preparing three special sets comprising two hours of entirely acoustic 'unplugged' material using multiple instruments and tunings for Seend, and a 60 minute all-original 'Loop' set for The Wunder Bar. Both shows will be filmed/recorded, so please come along!

James and producer John Burns, who now live in neighbouring villages have been regularly in touch, and Burns' envaluable influence was given a boost when he saw James' recent set at a local pub, "that was phenomenal, Jamesie," the dyslexic genius Burns observed, "most people won't really understand just how much skill goes into doing that looping thingie, but I was watching... you've matured." John has been distracted by other commitments in recent months, and he's keen to return to his passion for making music in 2014. Meanwhile James is continuing to hone his skills as a player.

It was a busy Autumn for James, and a painful one, since he fell down a bank whilst collecting wood in October. Nevertheless, the show must go on, and with the help of yoga and regular limbering, James bravely soldiered on through his Pink Floyd Night gig schedule and his cracked ribs gradually healed in time for his entirely acoustic performance at Goring Unplugged on Fri 22 Nov, a 15 minute set, which was filmed with 4 cameras - they have the tapes, hopefully they'll post it up soon and we can have a look at it.

James Hollingsworth at
                          Tollgate Parlour Gig

We won't have to wait for videos though, since James' December tours to the North and South East, were for the most part also filmed, including James' set at West Heaton First Friday, supporting BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominees Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts, the video for which, watch it here, has now passed the THRESHOLD OF HOTNESS on Fandalism.

Yet more video news, because Acoustic Nations turned up with broadcast-quality cameras to film James' headline set at Ragged Trousered Folk in Hastings on Wednesday 11 December (supported by Starscream's Adam Lightspeed). They may take 4 months to process the video, so again, more news when we have it :-)

James and his wife have settled into their cottage in Somerset, enjoying the clean air, babbling streams and warm hearth. The spirit of this rural, locally-minded life has inspired James to play more private house concerts, or Parlour Gigs, which are also being filmed, including December's parlour gig at Tollgate in South Wales, where he's set to play again this weekend (invites only). Watch the first Tollgate video here

In 2014 James will be getting more focussed on promotion and touring/filming, look out for more news soon!

03/10/2013 - Sandro Granda's video of James playing his song 'Last Stand' in the picturesque surroundings of The Forest of Dean has been posted on the New Musical Express (NME) website: see it here. James says, "Written in 1989, the song is a plea for environmental awareness using breath as a metaphor for the will to act, to do something in the face of the man-made environmental crisis that has, if anything got worse in the 24 years since the song's inception. It is great to see NME post this song, and it must be said that organised non-violent struggle against Ecocide has become stronger since 1989 too, especially with the rise of the net. Here's to a more-connected world - and to Humanity's whole-hearted acceptance of our ecological responsibility!"

26/09/2013 - check out James' page on the new MySpace

18/09/2013 - Announcing 13 Moons and Adventures in Loopland v1.0, two new promo cd's, both issued for promotional purposes, but also for sale here and at James' gigs.

   13 Moons represents a thorough taster of James' collaborations with Jason Flinter, JEBO (with producer John Burns), Sean McBride and Sandro Granda, along with some choice original Loops. In an effort to show James' broad range of styles, three popular tracks from previous albums have been included also, and a previously unreleased version of Faster than Light.

   13 Moons comes with James' hand-drawn Pictish and Celtic Spirals/Knots on the sleeve. If you'd like a copy, get it here for £10 (running time is a monster 73 mins 55 seconds), thanks in advance:

1. Breathing it in (with Jason Flinter)
2. Some Say (live loop)
3. In your own Time (live loop)
4. Saturn Ruin (live loop)
5. Still Lights up the Rain (live at St Georges Hall)
6. Rumi (from Eight Your Nature)
7. Mothership
(from Eight Your Nature2)
8. Faster than Light (with Sean and Sandro, 2007)
9. Sea of Enrichment (with Jason Flinter)
10. Clouds Begin their Reign (with Jason Flinter)
11. Privately Minded (slow) (with Jason Flinter)
12. Way Down South (from Coming Home To Stay)
13. Far away from Home (with JEBO) - note that this version is James' mix, he and John Burns will soon be remixing for 'proper' release.

   Adventures in Loopland v1.0 - Psy-Trad (Psychedelic Trance/Rock with Traditional Instruments) With guitars, vocals, percussion, flutes, harmonicas, 'synth' noises, nothing pre-recorded, no backing tracks:

1. Some Say
2. In Your Own Time
3. Saturn Ruin
4. Hotter (part of The Game of Clouds and Rain)
5. Life's what you make it (Talk Talk)
6. Remembering (part of The Game of Clouds and Rain)
7. This Mote in Heaven
8. The Salmon Song (Steve Hillage)
9. Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd)
10. Dust my Broom (Elmore James)
11. Strawberries (part of The Game of Clouds and Rain)

(please note that all covers are bonus tracks only).

 Get the cd before v1.0 becomes v1.1 (the covers are likely to be replaced)! (It's £10, running time 62 mins 44 seconds)

09/09/2013 - James' gig at the Awen Forum at the weekend was a resounding success, check out what Andrew Harvey (of The Institute for Sacred Activism and author of The Teachings of Rumi; Dylan is rumoured to be a fan) had to say about James' voice in this clip from Andrew's empassioned talk which followed James' first set: YouTube clip: Andrew Harvey at Awen Forum - Rumi poem

22/08/2013 - Speaking of JEBO, check out this new video of James performing with the band in full flow at Night of the Progs, Loreley in 2007, supporting Jethro Tull, Fish, Asia and others:

Click here to see the YouTube vid - "Fire in my Veins"

01/08/2013 - Check out the new JEBO page on this website, with videos, mp3's and buy links for Sinking Without You, the debut album produced by John Burns, with James on vocal duties.

22/07/2013 - Announcing "13 Moons", a
short-run cd release featuring live loops of James' songs as well as Far Away from Home recorded with JEBO in 2009, and his recent work with Jason Flinter. Tracklist: Breathing it in (with Jason Flinter) Some Say (live loop) In your own Time (live loop) Saturn Ruin (live loop) Still Lights up the Rain (live at St Georges Hall) One Saturday (from Long Way Out) Mothership Sea of Enrichment (with Jason Flinter) Clouds Begin their Reign (with Jason Flinter) Privately Minded (with Jason Flinter) Rumi (from Eight Your Nature) Way Down South (from CHTS) Far away from Home (with JEBO). Thirteen songs for £10, hand crafted with stamped and hand-written celtic knotwork and spirals, evey copy is unique! This short-run mostly-promotional cd will be available exclusively from James at his gigs until the (temporary) Paypal links are published - watch this space!

18/07/2013 -

James was featured in the Shoreham Herald today, in anticipation of his gig at the Duke of Wellington on Sunday 21 July (4-6 pm). Thanks to Phil Hewitt! Photos by Neil Palfreyman and Mike Dawson.

08/07/2013 - Very positive meeting with (Genesis, Traffic, Jethro Tull, John Martyn, Burning Spear) producer Johnnie Burns over coffee last week, with constructive crit of James' recent work and plans to help mix James' song, Far away from Home (recorded with JEBO and Johnnie at Bristol's Toybox Studios in 2009 - and now # 6 in the Soundclick Chart!) as well as refining mixes of stuff done with Jason Flinter, including Breathing it in - watch this space for developments!

30/06/2013 - James says: Well, it's been a long time since I released 'Eight Your Nature 1' and I promised a follow up. In 2008 I put a lot  of effort into recording the second, studio, part of the album and realised that the recordings were full of computer glitches, so I had to start again. After moving house and reconstructing my home-studio system, I attempted recording again in 2011, but after discussing my tracks with producer John Burns, I found that my ability as a musician was not up to the task of realising the vision I had for the album. I now look on these recordings as demos and have shelved the project while I've been concentrating on developing my skills. Meanwhile, I've uploaded the songs as they are to Soundclick so at least they're out there for anyone who wants to hear them. I look forward to the day when I can take the material into a proper studio with a bunch of good musicians and record it with confidence. I'm pleased to say that I'm a lot closer to realising that goal that now, but the album remains shelved for the time being. Click here to Hear the songs on Soundclick!

02/06/2013> - Song of the Windsmith on Sunday 9 June - 3:00 pm and 08:00 pm; Songs! A gripping story of the Other World! Shakespearean Steampunk Players! Belly Dancing! Digital Shadow Puppetry! A truly Multi-Media Extravaganza! A year in the making! Plus a rare chance to see inside the Masonic Temple of Bath (Old Theatre Royal) - Weird meets Wyrd!

22/05/2013 - Addendum to the news item below! Breathing It in has passed the Fandalism Threshold of Hotness getting more than 200 views within the first 24 hours of going live - thanks for watching, folks!
21/05/2013 - Check out this brand new video of Breathing It in, featuring James and his voice, shot by Jason Flinter, who says "It almost couldn't have been sung by anyone else - Such a pleasure working with local legend James Hollingsworth and an honour to have him sing one of our songs! After weeks of intermittent rain we finally found one morning to shoot this video right outside James' house which is literally his back yard!" Vocals: James Hollingsworth - Music: Jason Flinter - Lyrics: Jackie Spindley. Mixed by Hollingsworth/Flinter, mastered by James. Published by The Song Diner © copyright 2013

16/05/2013 - James has posted a Live Loop version of Pink Floyd's 'Run Like Hell' on YouTube - see it HERE. Using live footage from one of James' Pink Floyd Nights (at Driftwood Spars in Cornwall) with live VJ projections from Jonathan Hayter of Figure of Speech (see also Rama), this version was recorded back in February this year and really shows how far James has come with his Looping skills - "if you want to see someone who really knows how to use a 'looper' - check this man out - from creating WW1 dog fights through Peruvian mountain scapes to huge choral rock opera - and all with one acoustic guitar - just EPIC !!!" - www.thesongdiner.co.uk.

24/04/2013 - Announcing Song of the Windsmith - possibly the last performance thereof - part of the Bath Fringe Festival at the Old Theatre Royal on Sunday 9 June - Song of the Windsmith - The Steampunk Theatre Company will this time feature the beautifully talented dancing of Miriam Schäfer, narrated by Kevan Manwaring, with live music from James Hollingsworth and Sean McBride, and multi-media projections from Jonathan Hayter. Before the performance Bath Drama will be giving a sneak preview of their Steampunk version of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (scheduled for Green Park Station a week later). Watch out for the Mechanicals in the foyer! Two performances, one at 15:00 and the other at 20:00. Price: £12/£10 conc. Bath Box Office phone: 01225 463362 More details on Lemonrock.

20/02/2013 - Hear James' latest collaboration with Jason Flinter, Breathing it In, here! Written by Jason Flinter, mixed by Hollingsworth/Flinter, mastered by James. "It all began when Jason got me into his vocal booth some months back for a paid vocal-session to record the voices for this uplifting song he'd co-written. After we'd written a couple of other tracks together, the song was still just sitting there waiting for an artist to take it on, so... I visited Jason's studio again and mixed the track, and mastered it today! Hope you enjoy it - Breathe in the Good Times!"

05/02/2013 - James' 41 minute video '29 Clips' has been cut into bite-size chunks and the pieces posted on YouTube - check out the first track, 'Mothership' - here.

04/02/2013 - "Privately Minded" by James Hollingsworth and Jason Flinter, has passed the THRESHOLD OF HOTNESS on Fandalism. Nice!

31/01/2013 - "Thanks to all you people who come along to my gigs! Just had a fantastic tour, including two Pink Floyd Nights, sold loads of my original cd's, and the brilliant feedback for my live sound these days is encouraging to say the least! Thank you all!" - James.

12/12/2012 - Listen on Soundcloud to 'Sea of Enrichment'. Written and recorded with Jason Flinter of The Song Diner and released today to launch the 'Midst the Point' album project. Jason originally came up with the song's verse and bridge then thought to himself "Hmmm, this sounds like a James Hollingsworth song!", and so invited James to work on the song with him. After discussing the ideas behind the song, James added a chorus which had been hanging around looking for a home and which turned out to have exactly the same chords as Jason's bridge! "We then wrote the mid-section together and mixed it at Jason's studio. My biggest production yet, hope you like it! Best regards, James." The album will include more Flinter/Hollingsworth co-written material as well as two of James' songs recorded with JEBO in 2009.

14/11/2012 - Following the successful acoustic premiere of Song of the Windsmith at The Castle of the Muses in Scotland and the launch of the full multi-media show at Acorn Theatre in Cornwall, here's some great feedback from Bristol's The Song Diner: "Went to see James Hollingsworth Perform in his show 'Song of the Windsmith' in Stroud - if you want to see someone who really knows how to use a 'looper' - check this man out - from creating WW1 dog fights through Peruvian mountain scapes to huge choral rock opera - and all with one acoustic guitar - just EPIC !!!"

More excellent feedback for the show includes a fabulous review from Lilian Helen Brzoska, of silverbirchproductions.co.uk: 'They are BRILLIANT Bardic Performers. James Hollingsworth is on zee guitar, a wizard of flying fingers and glorious tones. He also sings spectacularly well. Kevan Manwaring's "Song of the Windsmith" is a perfect winged chariot for them both to fly, lifting through many spheres and dropping to the Earth's Core with adept aplomb and engaged Heart energy.' - Next chance to see the show is at Birdwood House in Totnes on Sunday 2 December - check out Song of the Windsmith page for more info, all show dates are also on the gigs page!

Meanwhile, James continues to book solo gigs well into 2013, and live work with Sean McBride is starting to kick off also, with a road-test for their collaborative songs at Bristol's Seven Stars on Sunday 25 November, watch this space for developments... gigs page :-)

21/08/2012 - Read a biographical article about James by Ian Pemble at Bristol 24/7 who explains why the "multi-talented" James was "never born for marine biology".

02/08/2012 - James has been approached by the British Library Sound Archive to contribute some of his recordings to the archive, saying he was "putting out some great music, but sadly (apart from an old Glastonbury demo) we don't have anything of yours in the collection, I wonder if you would be interested in donating any of your releases to the Archive? Hopefully if you agree to get involved with us, with world class facilities at hand we can provide the safest possible home for your releases, both for preservation and access, for many generations to come." The collection is open to anyone (researchers, writers, fans etc) who have a British Library readers pass, they have to make an appointment to attend the archive in person at the British Library in London, or at the other site in Boston Spa, Yorkshire (UK). James is pleased and honoured to be asked, so is now compiling tracks to send to the archive.

26/07/2012 - James' song This Mote in Heaven has been added to a compilation of Beat Sounds from Way Out from mix-maestros Institute For Alien Research... listen for free to the whole compilation here!. This spontaneous first version of This Mote in Heaven was recorded during the summer of 2011 in one take using live looping, no overdubs. This genre of music, which makes extensive use of a Boomerang III Phrase Sampler, James calls 'Psy-Trad' (Psychedelic Trance with Traditional instruments). James wrote the lyrics upon waking from a dream in 2004.

24/07/2012 - James is pleased to announce Song of the Windsmith, the first production of The Steampunk Theatre Company, a musical stage version of Kevan Manwaring's Windsmith novel series. Dynamic spoken word from Kevan (former Bard of Bath and Bard of Glastonbury), live multi-media visual projections from Jonathan Hayter of Figure of Speech (see also Rama), with a live soundtrack from James' using his custom live-looping pedal-board. Music, song and soaring music come together in a ground-breaking Lit 'n' Roll show! The first performance is at Carrick Castle in western Scotland, with other confirmed dates (so far) in Cornwall, London and Gloucestershire. More details soon!

30/06/2012 - James was interviewed on Frome FM with Saravian in the Frome FM Live Lounge: listen again to the interview by downloading the mp3 here!

23/04/2012 - James will soon be playing 3 gigs in the Bristol area including the Macmillathon, a charity event raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support (please donate HERE) on Saturday 28 April at Marlow's, right after appearing with Sean McBride at Alfie Kingston's Acoustic afternoon at the Seven Stars just over the Bristol Bridge earlier that day. James will also be playing a short set at Bristol Folk Festival 2012 on Bank Holiday Monday 7 May. An hour from Bristol on Tuesday 1 May, James will be the featured artist at Seend Acoustic Club, who had these kind words to say in anticipation of his 2 forty-minute sets:

"A warm welcome awaits this fine musician from Bristol. James did a floorspot here back in October and we booked him on the spot. James performs regularly several times a week up and down the country honing his incredible talent. He has an extraordinary vocal and is a genius guitar player too."  - details of all gigs on the gigs page.

Check out these 2 recently co-written songs from James and Sean McBride on Soundclick - catch them in Bristol on Saturday 28 April:
99 Percent
Just the Way it is

14/02/2012 - James' new video '29 Clips' has been launched on You Tube and Vimeo. 41 minutes in length, the video features 29 ~1-minute Music Clips with Slideshow/Tweakshow of photography and video clips from James' travels in the UK and Taiwan. The music previews tracks from upcoming albums with performances by Sean McBride (sax/flute) and Sandro Granda (percussion).  Enjoy!

07/02/2012 - 35 new tracks have now been added to James' SoundClick musician/artist page! There's clips from the forthcoming Eight Your Nature2 album (sneak previews of work in progress; further work begins soon with legendary producer
John Burns (Genesis, Motorhead, Burning Spear, Traffic etc etc) and other musicians, including the redoubtable talents of  Sean McBride (sax/flute/blues harp). Release is planned before the end of the year); also! Psy-Trad (Psy-Trance with Traditional instruments) 'Adventures in Loopland' - experimental live looping with a Boomerang III Phrase Sampler (now a permanent part of James' pedalboard)... plus! other as-yet unreleased recordings from ongoing album projects. Most clips are available for free download :-)

19/11/11 - James' new song ONE has now reached #5 in the SoundClick chart! Much gratitude to everyONE for listening :-) Hear it here!

Now back from Taiwan, James says "I had an amazing time there, met so many kind, generous and open-hearted people, played to some warmly attentive audiences and ate some sublime food! The scenery there is spectacular also, almost inevitably mystic..."

11/11/11 - the album project Elevensongs was launched in Taipei, Taiwan, coincidentally in #1 flat on the eleventh floor, where, unknowingly at first, the same text as shown on the artwork for the project (shown right) hung on the wall above James' bed for the night. This was the Heart Sutra of Buddhism, written in classical Chinese script, which, in the circular version shown to the right, James had previously chosen as the perfect artwork for his ElevenSongs project even before he knew what the script said or even before he realised that the version, shown right, was, quite remarkably, divided into 11 bamboo sections.

"Coincidence is what the Universe does for fun!" - The Eleventh Doctor (BBC)

28/10/11 - in advance of the 11/11/11 launch date for his 'Elevensongs' album project, part of his Numerical album sequence, and marking the last day of one reckoning of the Mayan Calendar, 28 October 2011, James announces the release of his song 'ONE', you can hear it here. Why not come to a gig to hear it played live? Go to the gigs page, or sign up for James' localised email list for news of gigs near you.

26/07/11 - James is delighted to announce that he is now working with the legendary John Burns (Genesis, Jethro Tull, Burning Spear etc etc) on the long-awaited second disc of his album Eight Your Nature, the mixes are shaping-up well, but in keeping with the characteristic delays that have become associated with the project, no release date is yet available. One thing is sure though - it'll be well-worth the wait!

02/06/11 - James has been booked to support David Ford at The Tunnels in Bristol on Thursday 16 June, full details on the Gigs Page.

08/04/11 - 17.50 BST - James has posted a whole set of songs covering his musical influences, including: Tom Waits; The Doors; Cat Stevens; Gong; Richie Havens; Gershwin; Fred Neil and more - visit James YouTube Channel and please subscribe!

25/03/11 - Check out this track featuring James on vocals - Breathing It In. Through mutual friend Sean McBride, James was invited to do a vocal session by friendly neighbourhood producer Jason Flinter of The Song Diner - It's a fresh breezy song for Spring, enjoy!

15/03/11 - James is thrilled to have been billed to support the excellent Nick Harper again, this time at the Bristol Folk House on Saturday 28 May. James is also confirmed to play at the enormous 175th Anniversary event at Bristol Zoo in mid-July, details to follow. Speaking of gigging, James' show now includes judicious use of the new Boomerang III looper installed in his updated pedalboard.

21/01/10 - Work on the second disc of Eight Your Nature continues steadily, and meanwhile here's a glowing review of James' latest release, 'Two and Two', by Dave Urwin of Live Music Scene: read it here.

10/11/10 - See James perform Side One of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, with lightshow by Jonathan Hayter (Figure of Speech), solo with NO backing tracks! Here's Part 1 on YouTube and here's Part 2 on YouTube.

26/10/10 - James' new EP, 'Two and Two', is now available on i-Tunes, check it out here.

20/10/2010 - Free mp3 Download! James says - "I suddenly decided to record this at about 20.10, and posted it on www.jameshollingsworth.com at about 10.20." Quick work! Click to download The West Wind Song here (160kbps 6.7MB).

10/10/10 - Free mp3 Download! Announcing the official launch of the Tetraktys album project! As with Narcissus (launched 09/09/09, which so far offers 2 tracks for free download), the first track of Tetraktys is available as a free mp3. Click to download Ode to Paranoia here (160kbps 3.5MB). Further tracks will be made available as they are finished, on suitably synchronistic dates. James is indebted to his friend Solar Bud who pointed out that 10 is '2' in binary and therefore it is unnecessary to release 10 albums for the project and so the plan is to eventually release the cd as a double- album. See Wikipedia entry on Tetraktys.

In the words of Robert Apatow: "The Tetraktys is an equilateral triangle formed from the sequence of the first ten numbers aligned in four rows. It is both a mathematical idea and a metaphysical symbol that embraces within itself in seedlike form the principles of the natural world, the harmony of the cosmos, the ascent to the divine, and the mysteries of the divine realm. So revered was this ancient symbol that it inspired ancient philosophers to swear by the name of the one who brought this gift to humanity-- Pythagoras."

28/09/10 - Two and Two has reached number 2 in the Soundclick Chart! Thanks for listening!

20/09/10 - James' new cd EP 'Two and Two' was launched yesterday and he actually sold out at his gig in Monmouth!

The cd includes the title track with Sean McBride on sax plus 4 live recordings: Sooner or Later, Swansong and Still Lights up the Rain recorded live at Bristol's St George's Hall + a live version of Faster than Light with Sean McBride (flute) and Sandro Granda (percussion). The artwork includes the perfect 5-sided rosette formed by the dance of Earth and Venus over 8 Earth-years. More cd copies are in production, press the button below to order through Paypal!

13/09/10 - No less than twelve new videos are up today on James' YouTube Channel! Plus check out the updated images page, which also includes two brand-new JEBO galleries commemorating James' tenure as front-man for the band.

08/09/10 - 11th hour pm GMT. Announcing Free mp3 Download of Two and Two, from the ongoing album project Eight Your Nature, with Sean McBride on sax! James says; "It needs a few tweaks, but it's pretty-much there." (26/10/10 nb The free download link has been removed, hear it on Soundclick, or buy it on i-Tunes. Enjoy!)

27/08/10 - We're pleased to announce that on Sunday 28 November James will be supporting the excellent Nick Harper at Chapel Arts Centre in Bath. James is particularly happy to have landed this gig supporting Nick, who is the son of the great Roy Harper and a supreme talent in his own right. More details on the Gigs Page.

19/08/2010 - to mark the passing of 9th months, 9 weeks and 9 days since the launch of the Narcissus album on 09/09/2009, James has announced the posting of a free download of Through the Eyes of Aliens another improvisation, like the 9 minute, 99 second Paradise Lost from the same album. Through the Eyes of Aliens features Tone-Accelerated Acoustic Guitar and Hand-drums dynamically massaged with an electronic Compressor and includes spontaneous themes from Culture including Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. Download it here!

05/08/10 - See the Music Page to hear new tracks for FREE DOWNLOAD featuring the talents of Sean McBride (sax), Sandro Granda (percussion) and Zac Gregory (double bass)! There are 2 tracks for free download and more on the way.

27/07/10 - What an excellent night! Sean McBride accompanied James on stage with sax and flute and received an enthusiastic encore from the main act. Barry 'The Fish' Melton, of Country Joe and The Fish, like the true gentleman he is, wrote a few words (reproduced below) and even bought a couple of cd's, which James gratefully signed for him. Also, David and Linda LaFlamme of It's a Beautiful Day very kindly swapped a copy of their classic eponymous psychedelic album for James' Coming Home to Stay.

"It was truly a phenomenal experience hearing James Hollingsworth's music, I know now that the tradition of groundbreaking music is in good hands. Thank you, James - Barry Melton"

- Barry 'The Fish' Melton (of Country Joe and The Fish)

22/06/10 - 3 great new live mp3's recorded at Bristol's St George's Hall, famous for its exceptionally fine acoustic, are now available for free download:

click to download mp3 ------> Sooner or Later (live at St George's Hall)
click to download mp3 ------>Swansong (live at St George's Hall)
click to download mp3 ------>Still Lights up the Rain (live at St George's Hall)

29/03/10 - James' set at Winter's End Festival was very warmly received, here's a review from Get Ready To Rock:

"Yet another change of style next with James a solo singer/guitarist full of charisma and star quality singing his folky/rock numbers in for me the manner of Cat Stevens who I am sure would have been proud to have written some of the material on display. Really enjoyed the up-tempo Way Down South and the very atmospheric Still Lights Up the Rain complete with the story behind the song, both from his 2007 CD Coming Home to Stay. James combined rich vocals, excellent guitar and great humour between numbers, he played a strong set finishing with 2 real gems Faster Than Light and the epic Mothership."

03/03/10 - In anticipation of his two gigs in Stroud on Saturday 13 March at Winters End Festival and The Prince Albert, James will visit Stroud FM on Tuesday 9 March for a live interview and acoustic session from about 17.15 before zooming up to his gig in Leominster that evening. The station is up the dusty end of the FM dial: FM 107.9.

28/01/10 - James has been confirmed to play a set on Saturday 13 March at Winters End Festival, in Stroud. Also on the bill are Magenta, Galahad, Touchstone as well as fellow Bristol-ites Crimson Sky (Bristol) and Andonova (based in Cheltenham). The festival website annouced: "James Hollingsworth is a Bristol-based singer-songwriter with an exciting guitar style. He will be best known to prog audiences as the former lead singer of Jebo. We are thrilled that James has agreed to play a short afternoon acoustic set at the Festival." The very same evening James will play a full set at The Prince Albert, also in Stroud. Full details on the gigs page.

08/01/10 - James now has a Facebook artist page - James Hollingsworth (Musician/Artist) - please show your support!

02/01/10 - Happy New Year! Download the taster mp3 from the forthcoming second disc of James' double album Eight Your Nature here. It's called Deny Denial, released today at 5.12 pm GMT, 512 days (8 x 8 x 8) after the release date of the first disc, 08/08/08.

04/11/09 - James' performance of words and music at the Garden of Awen event at the Chapel Arts Centre in Bath was a great success. Host Kevan Manwaring said in his blog (where you can read the full review):

"The evening ended with a blistering set from guitar-shaman and sublime songsmith, James Hollingsworth. He was ‘resurrected’ for a stunning encore of Led Zep’s classic ‘In My Time of Dying’ – a suitable way to end our evening themed on ‘Death & Rebirth’."

18/09/09 - James has been made Artist of the week by Lemonrock, the live music website. Nice.

09/09/09 - Free mp3 Download - get it here! This is an instrumental exactly 9 minutes and 99 seconds long called Paradise Lost (Book One), inspired by the work of John Milton, the 17th Century English poet, where the multitude of fallen Angels wake up for the first time in the lake of fire. Milton wrote "Nine times the space that measures day and night to mortal men, he with his horrid crew lay vanquish'd, rolling in the firey gulf". This is the first track of an album called Narcissus, each track will be available for free download until they total 9 tracks and they become a CD release costing (yes, you guessed it) £9.

02/09/09 - Great News! James' music has been played on BBC 6Music's BBC Introducing show, hosted by Tom Robinson no less. They contacted James asking for a copy of his song Way Down South and played it on Monday 24th August along with a phone interview with Rachel, the lady who recommended James to them via the link on the promo page of this website.

Rachel and her partner Ade came to James' recent gig in Polperro (Cornwall) after a friend of theirs, who'd witnessed a Hollingsworth gig in Wales, told them he was a 'must see'. Live on the air, she praised James' unassuming approach and the passion in his performance, saying his music "captures your soul!!" Here's the tracklisting for the show.

03/06/09 - 'The Joyful Returning' – new CD released today! It's a compilation of Journeys, more than 72 minutes of music, available from today for £6. This cd comprises a load of far-out music almost guaranteed to bring you back to where you are already. Go to James' MySpace Blog to view the track listing or just press the Buy Now button below.

19/05/09 - The West Sussex County Times did a nice piece on James last week in anticipation of his successful gig at the Boar's Head in Horsham. The venue described the set as "simply magic". Read the preview here, or click the picture.


10/05/09 - After a long and committed term as singer and frontman with rock band JEBO, James has now left the band. He was last seen outside the Wellington pub in north Bristol driving a gold-coloured Vauxhall Astra into a red-ochre sunset.

29/04/09 - Click here for the BRFM Video interview and studio set. Included in this 65 minute video is a new song, 'Get back to the Here and Now', which James wrote an hour before the interview using a mandolin he took down from the studio wall, dusted off and repaired. Other songs include 'You're not the only one' (from the Coming Home to Stay album), 'Deny Denial' (from the forthcoming second disc of James' Eight Your Nature album) and the frequently requested Arabesque instrumental 'Dervish'. Versions of the songs encoded at higher quality will be posted on YouTube and Myspace in due course...

12/03/09 - Get the new CD, Precession of the Albums, here! For just £5 you get 12 songs hand-picked from the live favourites so often requested at gigs. There's more information on the album page here including track-listing, or just press the button below to order it immediately:

11/03/09 - BRFM The Vault - Live Video Netcast, will broadcast an interview with James and a live performance tonight. It will be repeated at 13.30 on Sunday 15 March and also go out as a Radio broadcast on 97.3 FM in South Wales. You can watch the Netcast AGAIN here.

18/02/09 - Tonight James will be live on-air with BCfm Drivetime Show, the local Bristol Radio station at 18.30 GMT. Also! A new £5 cd is available - comprising 12 songs hand-picked from the live favourites so often requested at gigs. It's called Precession of the Albums and it's a bargain. More details to follow!

08/01/09 - Happy New Year! This site has recently been updated with Song Pages, including live favourites One Saturday and Way Down South. James plans to use these pages to showcase his songs, and as a platform for expressing the thoughts that inspire him.

Summer Festival bookings are starting to come in including Two Rivers Festival in Chepstow on the first weekend in July. All gigs up to September this year have now been added to the Gigs Page.

04/11/08 - Good News! James received a call this morning offering a gig at the prestigious St Georges Hall supporting Cara Dillon, who Q MAGAZINE describe as having 'Quite possibly the world's most beautiful female voice.' The other act fell through, so James is happy to fill in at the last minute, it's very short notice: tomorrow! Wednesday 5 November. James is on at 7.30pm, tickets are from £16 in advance (£18 on door), you can book online here. Details are on the gigs page. Meanwhile, James is planning to upgrade his studio facilities asap so he can release the second cd of his Eight Your Nature album.

30/09/08 - Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the second disc of James' first double album is not ready to be released as scheduled. More details on
James' Blog. On a positive note, the tracks are sounding great!

08/08/08 - the first part of James' new double-album Eight Your Nature is now available! The first cd is packed with 80 minutes of archive and live material, including the much lauded Rumi, which appeared on the Wayfaring Strangers cd in the US. It's available for download on Soundclick or click the Buy Now button to order the cd. CD Two of studio material will be released in a simple sleeve and booklet to complete the double-case for all who buy CD One during the initial first 8 weeks. The mp3 cd of 8 albums will be released with the second phase so that it may include this double-album.

22 July 2008 - James had a great live review this month in the Wiltshire Ocelot, you can read it here.

The acoustic band's performance at Priddy Folk Festival on July 13 was brilliantly received to great anticipation from a large gathering of festival goers. The band will be playing more gigs after a period in the studio.

James has announced the release of his 8th album, entitled 'Eight Your Nature', which will be an album of 8 songs released on 08/08/08. Continuing with the concept heralded by 'Seventh String' on 07/07/07 (with 7 songs), James plans to release similar projects until 12/12/2012. There will be a close artistic/symbolic harmony of artwork, and musical and lyrical content (both personally and culturally) with each of these 'numerical' releases. The 'Eight Your Nature' album will be released in two phases, separated by an eight-week interval (marked by the eighth day of the concurrent Mayan Calendar month). The initial release will include a double-CD case with one CD packed with live recordings, archive material and demo's of songs to be included on the second CD which will later complete the double-album. Actually there will be 8 albums on 08/08/08, as James will also be releasing all 8 of his solo albums to date on a single mp3 CD [nb please see news on 08/08/08. Meanwhile, the originally planned follow-up to Coming Home to Stay will be released at a still later date...].

30 May 2008 - James' music is now available for a limited time only for FREE download (in the USA only, sorry) from Amie Street! Also, you can claim a $5 electronic "gift card" <= click the link to download James' music or songs from tens of thousands of other independent artists. It's a promotional thing... make use of it while ye may!

10 May 2008 - Final confirmation of Wayfaring Strangers - Tim Buckley Sessions, a double bill with The Mandrake Project at Bath Fringe Festival's wonderful Spiegel Tent have been announced, the date being Tuesday 27 May. James will be playing a set of songs by the late, great Tim Buckley with Sandro Granda (percussion), Zac Gregory (double bass) and Danny Shayler (Chris Jagger's lead guitarist). Also confirmed for the acoustic band (without Danny but with Sean McBride on flute/sax) are Friday 4 July @ Two Rivers Festival in Chepstow and Sunday 13 July @ Priddy Folk Festival. See the gigs page for details.

James' album Coming Home to Stay is now available for high quality download (320 kbps) at Tune Tribe.

19 March 2008 - James has a new interview posted on the TSM Radio website - it's here. Also! There are new videos on the images page AND JEBO have signed a deal with Öettemusic in Germany, who do everything a record company do except force musicians to sell their grandmothers' furniture in order to pay for 'costs'. JEBO will give finished albums to Öettemusic, who will take a reasonable cut of the proceeds from their marketing and sales efforts. We can confirm that Champagne was involved in closing the deal.

James' acoustic band is shaping up with the addition of Zac Gregory on Double Bass - the set at Priddy Folk Festival will include this new line-up.  Meanwhile work proceeds on James' new album, which will include many new tracks as well as live favourites There's more to Life, Wondering where you're going and Time Rolls On.

31 January 2008 - James' song Way Down South, from the album Coming Home to Stay has reached number 3 in the Soundclick Acoustic Rock Chart. Click here to listen to this song!

28 January 2008 - Steve Parkhouse has kindly asked James to be his guest live on air and sing a few tunes tomorrow (Tuesday 29 January) at about 1 pm (UK Time) on BCFM (Bristol Community Radio FM). If you are in the Bristol area you can tune in on 93.2 FM and the rest of the World can listen online here. The show will be repeated the following morning at 1:00 UK time (8:00 pm US Eastern Time). Click here for Time Zones.

31 December 2007 - James' interview with Xavier Panades is now up on the Bristol Rocks Website!

New Year message from James: "Thank you all for your support in 2007! It's been a great year for me. I released 2 solo cd's (and produced Xavier's), relaunched this website and played many gigs including top venues such as Loreley with JEBO and a solo support for Hazel O'Connor at the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury. Plus my online Plays with Soundclick increased from 4,644 in the year 2006 to 21,891 in 2007... with the new JEBO album in progress and several solo festival dates already confirmed, 2008 looks set to be interesting! Happy New Year to you all! Peace, Peace, Peace!"

21 November 2007 - James' song Way Down South, from the album Coming Home to Stay has been made mp3 of the week on Lemonrock live music website, AND has reached number 4 in the Soundclick Acoustic Rock Chart. Click here to listen to this song!

16 November 2007 - Current holder of the office of Bard of Bath, Ash Mandrake, asked James to be one of the 3 or 4 judges of the competition to elect the 12th Bard of Bath on Saturday 8 December at Invention Arts Centre, Bath. Each Bard holds the position for 12 months. Of course, James is delighted to be asked, and pleased to accept the honour of being on the panel. ps the new Bard of Bath is Thommie Gillow

8 November 2007 - The support for Hazel O'Connor (Breaking Glass) on Sunday 4 November at Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury was a great success, there was a long queue of good people waiting to buy James' CD's, sign up to the email list, and offer congratulations. The promoter at the Theatre invited James to return and also, in his capacity as a tour-manager, to support a well-known artist on their forthcoming UK tour (subject to this artist's approval). Hazel and her band were most welcoming as were the crew.

In fact, Hazel playfully taunted James that his dressing room was haunted with the ghost of comic genius Eric Morecombe who had his third and final heart-attack there 1984. Thankfully ill-circumstances did not repeat themselves and, perhaps rather disappointingly, no comic poltergeist activity was in evidence.

16 October 2007 - The site was updated to include the first compilation album from Open Mike Cafe, which includes James' song Cast Down from the Skies (from the 2007 album Coming Home to Stay)

15 October 2007 - The site was updated to include the compilation album Art for Lands Sake, which includes James' song Still Lights up the Rain (from the 2007 album Coming Home to Stay) and a track by the legendary Rory McLeod. The CD is a fund-raising venture for the buying of land to be nurtured using the methods of Permaculture.

18 September 2007 - the Promo and Gigs pages have been updated with loads of ideas on how you can help promote James' music and gigs. There's info on posting album reviews, printing posters, and html code for posting banners if you have a MySpace profile (or similar).

27 August 2007 - message from James - "apologies to anyone out there in the world who's never even heard of me for receiving spam from the jameshollingsworth.com domain recently. I know that this has nothing to do with my email list by the way, I do not share that information with anybody! It's not a virus either. I only know it's been going on because I've received more than a 1500 returned emails from System Administrators in two enormous batches. This gives an idea of how many emails went out originally, but no idea about who's using my web-identity as a return-path. Hopefully, the new contact page will protect me from such things in future."

11 August 2007 - the support slot has now been confirmed for Hazel O'Connor (Breaking Glass) on Sunday 4 November at Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury. James will play a 30 minute set to open the show. See the Gigs page for details.

28 July 2007 - James has recently returned from a tour in Germany with JEBO which included a show at Loreley, supporting ASIA, Jethro Tull and Fish. The trip was very successful, firmly establishing JEBO with their target audience. There's a tour blog kindly hosted by Bristol Rocks. Check out this video of the band's performance on YouTube!

7 July 2007 - James' new album, Seventh String was released

22 June 2007 - this Website was relaunched.

The new site features a redesigned song-page with lyrics, and clips (full-length versions of are available for high-quality download at a small charge on many sites around the world including i-Tunes, Woven Wheat Whispers and Soundclick), song and lyric pages, artwork, photo's and much more added content. The concept of including track dates on all of James' album releases as part of the biographical record of his catalogue been included on the new website.

“This has always been a plan,” James says, “songs often shed light on the meaning of other songs written at that time. As the website grows, it will relate and link the song pages together, not just showing songs listed in order of the album they were released with, but also showing them in chronological order of their initial inspiration. This is one of the advantages of the web – it's a dynamic medium and I plan to use it to present my body of work not just an advertising space for buying music, but as an integrated kind of 'gallery space', almost as a piece of art in its own right."

On Friday 1 June at 18.20 GMT James had another BBC interview, this time on BBC Radio Somerset's Drive programme with Jess Rudkin, who probed James regarding his art-driven approach to songwriting.

James has written a review of a recent benefit gig for the Stop the War Coalition - it's here.

Listen to James' music on SoundclickJames' song, Sooner or Later, reached number 4 (out of 10,450+) in the Soundclick Acoustic Folk chart. Click here to hear the track - join for free and vote!

Listen online to James' second BBC interview which took place live on air on Saturday 28 October 2006 with the lovely Faye Hatcher on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. James reports he enjoyed the interview which included him landing a job as a Traffic Bulletin announcer. Listen to the whole interview here! Alternatively, you can listen to just James' performance of his song, One Saturday, here.

JEBO's appearance at The Royal Albert Hall in April 2005, supporting The Musical Box firmly established the band as one to watch. JEBO were asked to support The Musical Box again at the end of February 2006 at Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall.

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